Lucky Dragon Tea Pet
Lucky Dragon Tea Pet
Lucky Dragon Tea Pet
Lucky Dragon Tea Pet

Lucky Dragon Tea Pet

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Bring Luck To Your Tea Set

Appreciating tea is not simply a process of brewing and drinking tea. It is also a process of reflection, refinement, and (most importantly) enjoyment. Tea pets are the embodiment of this enjoyment. They have brought luck, fortune, and happiness to tea drinkers for nearly 800 years.

Raise Your Tea Pet

Tea pets are made of an unglazed clay that can be seasoned with repeat exposure to tea. To raise your tea pet, arrange it on your Tea Tray and feed it for good luck by pouring tea over it. After absorbing several servings of tea, the tea pet will become glossier and emit a pleasant aroma of tea.

The Lucky Dragon

This particular tea pet is a Lucky Dragon that carries a ball inscribed with several Chinese characters on its back. When tea is poured over this tea pet, the ball will spin and the tea pet will fill with tea. When this tea pet is full, the tea will start to flow out of the corners of his mouth like a fountain. The Lucky Dragon has adorned our tea tray since the beginning and is the unofficial mascot of Tandem Tea!


  • Size:12cm*8cm*5cm
  • Material: Unglazed ceramic 
  • To clean: Rinse with water only. Do not use any soap or dish-washing liquid


  • Tea

  • Temperature

  • Time


The tea pet is a Chinese tradition that can be dated back to the 13th century! I keep this little guy on my tea tray at all times for good luck.


When we hit the road for an event, this little guy is always with us. He's the third member of Tandem Tea!



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