Starter Kit
Starter Kit

Starter Kit

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Just Add Water

The Tea Collector Starter Kit is all you need to dive into the world of speciality tea, just add hot water and a tea pot/cup.

Quick, easy, and affordable - this kit was curated by Charles and Nick for tea experts and newcomers alike to taste the difference between every tea type.


Inside the Kit

The Tea Collector Starter Kit is comprised of the following:

  • One serving (5 grams) of tea from each of the 5 major types of tea. These teas represent the "textbook" or "baseline" teas of each tea type
  • One serving (5 grams) of an herbal tea. 
  • Six tea filters. One for each serving of tea. Fits in any cup or pot.
  • Brewing instructions, tea info, and more!


This is the perfect gift for someone who enjoys tea or wants to learn more about how tea production affects taste. After you drink through the kit, email us at with questions or requests for tea recommendations. We would be honored to help guide you through your tea journey.



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