The Leaf & Bean store is now online!

The Leaf & Bean store is now online!

Hello all:

Thank you for visiting the Leaf & Bean online store and blog! Nick and I really appreciate your support. 

A few things about the website:

  • Our coffee will be coming soon. To best support the long term growth of Leaf & Bean and to make the best coffee beans possible, Nick and I made the executive decision to launch exclusively with tea while we raise the resources to build out our dream coffee roasting operation. If you would like to reserve your coffee beans today, please contact Nick at
  • Expect more teas very soon. My goal in the upcoming months is to DOUBLE the amount of specialty teas on the online menu. Keep a lookout on social media and this blog for announcements regarding additions to the Leaf & Bean tea menu. If there is a specific tea that you would like to purchase please contact me at and I will happily source it for you
  • Weekly blog posts will start in December. Want to learn more about speciality tea and coffee? Check in every week starting in December for your weekly master class right here at Leaf & Bean! Please email me and Nick any specific topics that you would like to see covered at

Thank you again for your support! Nick and I are thrilled to have you involved in the ground floor of Leaf & Bean. One thing Nick and I both want to focus on is having a dialogue with our customers, so please contact us, even just to say "hi." We would love to hear from you.



Co-Founder, "The Leaf"

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