Getting High on Tea: The Euphoria Known as Being 'Tea Drunk'

Getting High on Tea: The Euphoria Known as Being 'Tea Drunk'

There is no shortage of euphoric-inducing-elements here in the Big Easy, but one element many might overlook is tea.

There isn't any alcohol involved in getting 'Tea Drunk.' When caffeine combines with tannins in tea and is consumed in excess, one can experience a unique elated caffeine high that cannot be experienced from other caffeinated beverages. 


What Does Tea Drunkenness Feel Like?

Some people compare feeling Tea Drunk to a strong caffeine buzz. Unlike the caffeine in coffee, which effects your coronary system and accelerates heart rate, the caffeine in tea stimulates the central nervous system and the cardiovascular system. In other words, tea is more of a stimulant than an excitant.

This stimulation can produce positive and euphoric feelings known as 'Tea Drunk'

Here are some symptoms of being tea drunk:

  • Giggling, a bouncy feeling, or a feeling of emotional bliss
  • Great happiness and exhilaration felt in your core
  • Pleasing lightheadedness or sense of floating
  • Strong sense of focus and calm
  • Acceptance of the world

    The overall effect is often described as a very Zen feeling. As with most experiences, these side effects will vary by the individual, are hard to predict, and are impacted by a number of different factors.

    Selecting the Tea

    When deciding what tea to use, it's preferable to select a high-quality tea. Teas that can last for several infusions are ideal. Some varieties of teas that may result in tea drunkenness are:

    Noting the Effects

    The best part about attempting to achieve Tea Drunkenness? There is no negative side effects! Even if you don't experience tea drunkenness, you will hopefully still enjoy a nice cup of tea.


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