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Genmaicha - Organic Green Loose Leaf Tea from Japan with Toasted Rice

Genmaicha - Organic Green Loose Leaf Tea from Japan with Toasted Rice

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Region - Organic Green Tea from Kagoshima, Japan

Tasting Notes - Grassy, popped corn, roasted rice

There are many stories traveling the world and internet about the origins of Genmaicha. Some people claim it was a drink invented by the Japanese lower class. They mixed popped rice in their tea to make it more affordable and last longer. Since Leaf & Bean is from New Orleans, we like to compare Genmaicha to Chicory Coffee. Chicory Coffee is coffee mixed with the chicory root and became popular during the civil war so that soldiers coffee rations would last longer. Another story talks about how a servant named Genmai was serving tea to his samurai master when a few pieces of popped rice fell from his sleeve into the samurais tea. The samurai pulled out his katana and brutally murdered the servant for it was a such a travesty to ruin such nice tea. When the samurai returned to his tea, he fell in love with the roasty tasting tea. He felt so bad for the killing he named the tea Genmaicha. Genmai (name of servant) and cha (japanese word for tea) If you want to taste a delicious version of poverty... or ferocious rage... genmaicha is a good place to start.

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